Body Scrubs

Body Scrubs
Some people have asked about the texture of our body scrubs before they purchase 🙂 
Are they a gel ? Are they a cream? Are they whipped ? Soft and fluffy ? What is "in" them ? Can I use these on my face?
Our scrubs have a luxurious butter base formulated with shea butter , cocoa butter , grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil (& more !) Our scrubs are super moisturising but very exfoliating.
When you dip in you can just tell your skin is going to be super buffed and smooth. The texture is on the slightly "rougher" side as we really like to make sure that sugar gets to work on your problem areas and doesn't disappear into a melted mess when you use it. Our scrubs work amazingly and you dont have to rub like mad to try get some form of exfoliation. The buttery base lingers on your skin to moisturise and hydrate !
Because these are a heavy exfoliant we dont reccomend using these on your face. The ingredients themselves are fine but sugar scrubs can be a little to harsh for the skin on your face
We recommend our blueberry brew face scrub instead ! It contains ground apricot kernel and poppyseed to exfoliate, and blueberry seed oil which has amazing skin benefits.

Posted: Monday 1 March 2021