Black Bat Healing Salve

Black Bat Healing Salve
Black bat healing salve is inspired by one of the go-to remedies used in my household when I was growing up... As a kid, whenever me or my siblings had a scrape, bug bite, burn or rash .. our Mum would pull out this tiny jar of lavender scented goodness that would soothe away whatever pain or itch was bothering us.
As an adult working in jobs where I constantly had to wear gloves and wash my hands repeatedly, I started to suffer from horrendous dermatitis on my hands and no traditional treatments seemed to help. Despite trying multiple lotions and prescribed creams, I would wake up in the night itching so much I would run my hand under the hot tap to try and take the itch away.
I thought back to that little jar of magic Mum brought out when I was a kid, and decided to create my own healing remedy...
Lavender had to be a key ingredient as that calming scent was half the cure! That, mixed in to a base of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal beeswax with so many healing properties - with a blend of other healing goodies added for good measure - black bat healing salve is a jar of goodness that should be in any first aid kit, handbag or workshop!

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Posted: Monday 1 March 2021