Covenwick Apothecary


Covenwick Apothecary is an oasis for the strange and spooky.

We lovingly create bath and beauty products, candles, wax melts, salves, serums, elixirs and more. 

 We create ethereal fragrances that have the power to evoke other worldly experiences. Whether they are the scrumptious smell of candy floss at a night carnival, or the woody notes of cauldron cooked soap or the mossy musk of a warlock’s lair... or even the soft rain falling in a graveyard or the fresh fruit harvested by the local green witch. 

We can guarantee to take you to mystical new realms with our handcrafted goods. 

With the use of skin loving ingredients, magical oils, botanical ingredients and organic waxes our products are carefully created with magic and love.

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Artisan Soy Candle

100% organic ethically sourced sustainable soy wax.
Making and labelling wax melts

Handmade in NZ.


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